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SCHOKINAG offers an extensive range of chocolates and chocolate couvertures in batches from 6 to 24 MT.
We work closely with you to create and adapt tailor-made recipes according to changing requirements, such as optimization of cost, specification requirements and consumer behavior.

  • Chocolates with a cocoa content from 25% up to 85% for dark and milk and from 20% min. for white
  • chocolates and chocolate couvertures for enrobing, moulding, panning/spinning, topping
  • Chocolates for ice cream applications
  • Dark and milk ice cream compounds (made with coconut oil, CBE and other fats than cocoa butter)
  • Single origin chocolates
  • Certified chocolates: Kosher Dairy, HALAL, Fairtrade Mass Balance, UTZ Mass Balance, Rainforest Alliance Segregated


  • Chocolate for 100 g tablets
  • Chocolate for napolitains
  • Chocolate for wafer moulding
  • Chocolate for large hollow mouldings
  • Chocolate for small hollow mouldings


  • Chocolate for full enrobing (thin layer biscuits)
  • Chocolate for full enrobing (thick layer biscuit)
  • Chocolate for bottoming
  • Chocolate for full enrobing (candy bars)
  • Chocolate for wafer enrobing
  • Chocolate for ice cream dipping
  • Chocolate for panning

There are many options for chocolate applications. Dark, milk and white chocolates with the rheology, particle size and chocolate flavour you desire. Let us customize a product that meets your needs.

Apart from our innovations we also invite you for co-innovation projects into our R&D facility to jointly use our state-of-the-art pilot plant equipment, modern analytical devices and sensory panel.

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